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Omega-3 Risk of Preterm Birth Testing

The EPA and DHA levels in an expectant mothers whole blood are a very strong indicator of the risk for early preterm birth in women as reported in published studies. Those with proper levels have as much as a 90% reduced rate compared to those without.

Test results will indicate your OmegaScore┬« – and where your current levels are across a spectrum of risk levels for preterm birth so you can take action if need be, or rest easy knowing your risk levels are low.

Omega-3 Breast Milk DHA/AA Testing

The levels of DHA omega-3 in breast milk have been associated with better performance in neurobehavioral functioning and visual acuity amongst infants, following all the way up to better scores in testing for their Psychomotor Development Index (a measure of hand-eye coordination) as toddlers.

Your test results will show your OmegaScore® seperately for both DHA and AA milk fat percentages, and where they fall within average and recommended ranges.

Omega Health Whole Blood Testing

Studies have shown that adequate levels of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of “all cause mortality” (deaths from heart disease, cancer and other major causes) by 29-34%, and an incredible 90% reduction for sudden cardiac death.

Your test results will quickly illustrate your OmegaScore® and associated risk levels for sudden cardiac death, all-cause mortality and age-related cognitive deterioration and where they fall within a wide testing range.

What Does a Testing Kit Contain?

It depends in part on what kind of test(s) you’ve ordered, but most kits typically include some (or all) of the following:

  1. A foil packet to put your completed spot test in to keep it safe.
  2. A packet of desiccant to prevent excess moisture.
  3. A DBS “card” which you will add your samples in. *
  4. Lancets (if the test requires blood droplets.)
  5. A bandage (if the test requires the use of lancets.)
  6. Gauze (only for blood tests.)
  7. Alcohol swab (only for blood tests.)
  8. A pre-paid return envelope.
Foil PacketDesiccantSpot CardLancetsBandageGauzeAlcohol SwabReturn Envelope

* A DBS card is a relatively new collection method that allows for very small sample amounts to be tested. The card has 2 absorbant pads on it that require just a few drops of the needed sample (milk, blood, etc) to be placed on each, which will quickly dry and can be easily mailed back for testing.

How Does The Process Work?

  • After you complete your order we’ll send the appropriate test kit(s) to the address you specified during checkout. They should arrive within 2-5 business days depending on your location.
  • Your testing kit(s) will contain everything you need to take your sample(s), including instructions, a ‘collection card’ and other items as needed (such as lancets for blood drop samples.)
  • Follow the instructions to collect and add your sample to the collection card. Send it back using the pre-paid return envelope by depositing it in any Canada Post mailbox or post office.
  • Once your sample arrives, it will be processed the same or next day by the recieving lab and your results will be prepared.
  • Once processed, your testing results will be converted into an easy to understand PDF document, then both e-mailed to you and uploaded to your account for future downloads.

What Do I Do with My Test Results?

Many of our users are happy to find that their test results show they are well within healthy ranges as hoped for, and don’t need to take any action to correct for particular deficiencies or excesses at the time.

Those needing improvement to reduce their risk levels are encouraged to share and discuss their results with a health professional for advice on dietary changes, supplimentation or other issues that may be affecting your nutrient levels.

TestingMyHealth.com offers lab testing services for individual reasearch and informational purposes only, and cannot offer any particular medical or nutritional advice. Available tests are not intended to not intended to diagnose any disease or lack thereof, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnoisis or medical treatments.